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NV Energy Nevada Dynamic Pricing Trial Interim Report Vol 1-4

Aug. 15, 2015

NV Energy



This interim report covers analysis and results of Nevada Dynamic Pricing Trial (NVPT) operations from its formal inception with recruiting in January 2013 through the close of the first program year February 28, 2014. The NDPT Final Report to be submitted in September 2015 will cover analysis and results of operations from the program's inception through the close of the second program year February 28, 2015.

Clicking on the title above, of the cover graphic will download a zip file of the four PDFs. Alternatively, you can download any one of the volumes below. The volumes are:

  • Volume 1: Design & Operations
  • Volume 2: Program Year 1 Data Analysis
  • Volume 3: Program Year 1 Direct Customer Research
  • Volume 4: Appendices

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