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Sensor Technologies and Data Analytics

December 2018
U.S. Department of Energy
synchrophasor, transmission, grid measurement, PMU, data analytics, resiliency

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Electricity (OE) Advanced Grid Research and Development Division is proposing a new Sensor Technologies and Data Analytics Program that will provide new tools and critical information to mitigate and respond to potential issues and threats related to the nation's electric grid. The Program will develop and integrate high-fidelity, fast acting sensor technologies and advanced data analytics into the power grid. The Program will also revolutionize the use of these technologies in electricity operations and delivery - from transmission to distribution to end-use load - for improved diagnostics, prediction, and prescription of all system variables and assets during normal and extreme-event conditions. Advances in data analytics are needed to enable utilizing an increasing number of heterogeneous data sources from the sensor technologies to infer complex underlying dynamics, diagnose system behavior and abnormalities, and provide situational awareness for operators to make informed decisions. The outcome of Sensor Technologies and Data Analytics research and development (R&D) will enable greater speed, accuracy, and precision in determining the state of the power system. This will meet the needs of managing grid assets and operations with their increased complexity, as well as monitoring and managing interconnected and interdependent effects among the nation's critical infrastructures-all under increasing levels of threat conditions.