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Critical Intelligence Inc. Project Description


U.S. Department of Energy


Critical Intelligence Incorporated is building a 12-week instructor-lead online course that trains energy sector information security employees to detect and respond to cyber threats. Developed with energy sector partners, including a major U.S. utility, the course will focus on building a threat intelligence program capable of identifying and responding to targeted attacks and sharing information garnered from the intelligence program with industry peers and government partners. This training differs from other programs, because it is energy sector specific, has courses of longer duration, eliminates travel, and applies learned techniques to the current work environment. Each training course instructs between 12 and 30 students and is equivalent to a 3-credit university course. The courses are comprised of about 2.5 hours of lecture and 7 hours of on-the-job application each week. Courses are ungraded; however, the instructor will provide detailed feedback about performance and capability. Training is offered four times a year.

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