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Florida Power & Light Project Description


U.S. Department of Energy


The Gateway to Power Consortium (G2P), led by Florida Power & Light and Smart Energy Grid Associates, consists of four Florida colleges/universities and three out-of-state universities. Their mission is to deliver workforce training for electrical power sector personnel in areas most relevant to the next-generation electric power workforce. These college and university-level cross-disciplinary training programs will lead to both certificates and degrees that include science, engineering, social science, economics, and other topics needed as the traditional power transforms into a national, clean-energy Smart Grid. Courses include Advanced Metering Infrastructure, Customer Interaction with Smart Grid, and Synergy of Smart Energy Systems. Program graduates will have the knowledge and skills to design, plan, construct, operate, and maintain a modern electricity delivery , including power infrastructure and information systems. It is expected that several jobs with salaries ranging from $57K to $95K will be created as a result of this initiative.

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