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Illinois Institute of Technology Project Description


U.S. Department of Energy


Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) is using their established power engineering education training center to provide Smart Grid education and training to diverse groups, such as power industry employees, union workers, college and high school students, high school teachers, Veterans, lawyers, entrepreneurs, and information technology professionals. IIT??s Smart Grid Education and Workforce Training Center is a collaborative effort of 100 participating members including three domestic and five international universities, 49 community colleges, high schools, six city and government organizations, eight labor unions and councils, one national laboratory, six power transmission and distribution systems operators, five professional training organizations, 17 Smart Grid manufacturers and software companies, and 13 energy consulting services. Educational options include university-level four-year degree programs, graduate programs, certificate programs, Associate degree programs, short courses and workshops. The Center is equipped with state-of-the-art software, including Areva T&D??s Dispatcher Training and , and OSIsoft??s PI power grid monitoring and control software. IIT??s campus is home to the first-of-its kind Perfect Power microgrid ??? Smart Grid deployment that provides perfect reliability, enhanced efficiency, and energy sustainability. IIT??s is located near one of the nation??s largest utilities, Exelon/ComEd, who will use the Center to upgrade employee skills and train new workers. IIT and its partners plan to grow the program through the use of web-enabled courses and a fee-based membership program.

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