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Lehigh University Project Description


U.S. Department of Energy


Lehigh University and the University of Pittsburgh are establishing a network of graduate Smart Grid fellows to help build a community of scholars who will be trained to become trainers of a skilled Smart Grid workforce. Lehigh University is modifying its current Master??s programs to include a specialized concentration of Smart Grid electives including courses such as Energy Generation, Communications and Networking for Smart Grid, and Energy Engineering. Lehigh is recruiting professors currently teaching at community colleges and high schools, recent graduates of electrical and computer science engineering programs, and engineers focused on becoming trainers of electric power sector workers. The University of Pittsburgh is advancing its electric power and energy engineering education programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Enhancements to the core curriculum in electric power include new courses on Smart Grid Technologies, Renewable and Alternative Energy Systems, Power Electronics for T&D Applications - FACTS and HVDC, and Electrical Distribution Engineering. In addition, corporate partnerships and government funding are providing opportunities for collaborative research in these same areas.

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