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National Electrical Manufacturers Association Project Description


U.S. Department of Energy


National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), in partnership with George Mason University and Northern Virginia Community College, is producing videos that target senior high school or first-year college students. Each video covers a fundamental electromagnetic concept integral to the deployment of Smart Grid or a particular piece of grid equipment. The videos incorporate a short interview with a subject matter expert, equipment demonstration, and may include scenes from equipment assembly, installation, and use. The subject matter experts will also serve as virtual mentors. The videos will be integrated into basic electrical engineering curriculum and posted electronically for use by colleges, training centers, and the general public. Filming will be done on-site at the facilities of leading power equipment manufacturers, such as A123, Beacon Power, Cooper Power Systems, Eaton Corporation, Itron, Leviton, Nexans/The Valley Group, Rockwell Automation, Southwire, and Thomas & Betts. Podcasts will be produced that incorporate openended questions with student-selected experts on their experiences in the power sector.

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