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NV Energy Smart Meter Deployment Handbook - April 2013


U.S. Department of Energy


NV Energy’s NV Energize project includes deployment of smart meters and communications infrastructure for all residential and commercial customers and pilot programs for time-based rates, advanced customer service options, and electric vehicle monitoring. The project also includes a new meter data management system (MDMS) that integrates all the smart meter data for use in system management, operations, and billing activities. An advanced demand response management system (DRMS) integrates the utility’s portfolio of demand response programs and provides a link to customer service, control operations, system operations, and other functions. An energy management system links the control of the electric transmission, distribution, and generation facilities with the two distinct northern and southern Nevada balancing areas, thereby consolidating transmission and balancing operations statewide across all of NV Energy’s generation fleet and grid interface points. The associated operations improvements results in reduced operations costs, fewer truck rolls, and associated reductions in emissions.

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