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Secure Interoperable Open Smart Grid Demonstration Project (Final Technical Report) - December 2014


U.S. Department of Energy


The Consolidated Edison Company of New York and its partners are demonstrating a secure, interoperable, open Smart Grid that reduces electricity demand and increases energy reliability and efficiency. The project performer, servicing New York City and its suburbs, has one of the highest load densities in the world, representing a complex and diverse test bed, including critical organizations such as Wall Street, the Federal Reserve, major medical facilities, and hubs for national and global communications. Distributed thermal and battery storage, advanced metering infrastructure, home area networks, building management systems, photovoltaics, and smart electric vehicle charging have been demonstrated. The demonstrations have illustrated how data from disparate systems are securely communicated, integrated, and displayed to the control center operator through the use of decision-aid tools, thus helping operators identify problem areas and prioritize corrective action in both normal and contingency operations. Other new technologies developed include a rules-based dashboard for operators, a risk management engine to facilitate efficient operation, a transmission decision management engine that aggregates electricity supply data, an adaptive stochastic controller, and an intelligent maintenance system. It is anticipated that the technologies listed above will be scalable across urban utility territories nationwide.

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