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Tehachapi Wind Energy Storage Project (Technology Performance Report #2)

February 2016
Southern California Edison
wind energy storage, energy storage, California, AMI, battery energy storage, BES

This is the second of three Technology Performance Reports (TPR) for the Tehachapi Wind Energy Storage Project (TSP). The TSP is jointly funded by the Department of Energy (DOE) (American Reinvestment and Recovery Act - ARRA) and Southern California Edison (SCE). The TSP is a demonstration of a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) connected directly to the SCE sub-transmission grid. The facility is located approximately 100 miles northeast of Los Angeles, in Tehachapi, CA at the corner of Williamson Road and East Tehachapi Boulevard.

TPR #1 (issued 12/31/2014 with subsequent iterations) was primarily concerned with the description of events during construction, commissioning and characterization testing of the TSP facility. This TPR #2 is concerned with the troubleshooting of various issues and the tuning of the custom designed facility as well as initial operations yielding first instances of project test data. TPR #3 is expected to report on the continuous operation of the facility and test data satisfying the project scope and Metrics and Benefits Reporting Plan (MBRP).

The main objective of the TSP is to evaluate the performance of utility scale lithium ion battery technology in improving grid performance and integrating intermittent generation, e.g., wind. The primary object is to use electrical energy storage to manage conventional energy flows in a time dependent function in order to address grid instability and capacity issues that result from the interconnection of highly variable generation resources.