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Grid Talk is a podcast featuring the leaders and innovators shaping the 21st century grid. Hear the stories—in their own words—of how they are meeting the challenges and transitioning their businesses to operate successfully in a new era of evolving markets, changing regulations, higher customer expectation, increasing cybersecurity threats, demands for cleaner energy sources, growing customer-owned generations and emerging technology. The podcast is part of Department of Energy’s Voices of Experience, an initiative that supports grid modernization by sharing insights, lessons learned and advice on operating in a rapidly evolving industry.

About the Host

Grid Talk is hosted by award winning, energy journalist Marty Rosenberg. For nearly 40 years, Marty has been covering business, energy, finance, and technology. He was the Editor-in-Chief for EnergyBiz from 2004 to 2014. EnergyBiz was an award-winning national publication covering energy and utilities. Marty has been published in multiple media outlets including the New York Times and USA Today. Marty plugs into the industry knowledgebase to deliver critical information about the opportunities and challenges facing utilities today. The result is engaging conversations about modernizing our electric grid.

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Feds Aim to Speed Approval of Infrastructure—April 28, 2022

“I want to make sure that we’re putting boots on the ground—that we have the construction workers who are there and actually making the infrastructure happen.” Christine Harada, Executive Director, Federal Permitting Improvement Steering Council

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ComEd Pursues Equity as it Decarbonizes—April 20, 2022

“We want to make sure that we’re putting our customers at the center of this transition.” Gil Quiniones, CEO, ComEd

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Massive Federal Transmission Rebuild Funds Will Soon Flow to Projects—April 8, 2022

“I would love to see it this calendar year.” Michelle Manary, Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary, Energy Resilience Division, Office of Electricity, Department of Energy

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Midwest, West Ready for Major Federal Grid Upgrades—March 2, 2022

“As a new administrator, folks often ask me what keeps me up at night and I often have responded with weather. Weather keeps me up at night.” Tracey LeBeau, Administrator and CEO, Western Area Power Administration (WAPA)

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