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What is Electrification?

Electrification is the process of converting an energy-consuming device, system or sector from non-electric sources of energy to electricity—in homes, buildings, industry, agriculture, and transportation. It is also an emerging economy-wide decarbonization pathway that is gaining momentum and beginning to impact the electric power industry.

What is Electrification?

About A Stakeholders Guide to Electrification

A Stakeholders Guide to Electrification is a multi-media guide to help industry stakeholders better understand not only the benefits of electrification, but also the impact this will have on electric distribution systems and the technology, policies, and investments that will be needed to enable wide-spread electrification. The initiative is based on DOE’s successful Voices of Experience approach of reaching out to the industry to share the insights, lessons learned, and knowledge gained by those at the forefront of this transition. Add your name to the email notification list to participate in upcoming group discussions.

Add your name to the email notification list.

Meet the Industry Steering Committee

The project team is guided by a steering committee comprised of industry experts from utilities, regulatory agencies, and research organizations who are working through the challenges of electrification. Steering committee members provide information and feedback on the topics covered, participate in discussion groups, and review all final products for accuracy and relevance to the industry.

Meet the steering committee:

  • Maria Bocanegra, Commissioner, Illinois Commerce Commission
  • Christopher J. Budzynski, Director, Utility Policy, Exelon Utilities
  • Allen Dennis, P199 Electrification Program Manager, EPRI
  • Keith Dennis, Vice President, NRECA
  • David Farnsworth, Principal, Regulatory Assistance Project
  • Garrett Fitzgerald, Principal of Electrification, Smart Electric Power Association
  • Diane Huis, SVP, Innovation and Business Development, North Carolina Electric Cooperative
  • Mike Judge, Director, Electric Power Division, MA-DPU
  • Greggory Kresge, Manager of Electrification of Transportation, Hawaiian Electric
  • David Logsdon, Director, Electrification & Strategic Technology, Seattle City Light
  • Michael Luhrs, Vice President, Retail Programs, Duke Energy
  • Mackay Miller, Director, US Strategy, National Grid
  • Richard Oberg, Manager of Product Delivery, SMUD
  • Jason Stanek, Chairman, MD PSC
  • Sharon L. Tomkins, VP, Sustainability, Sempra Energy
  • David Treichler, Director, Strategy and Technology, Oncor
  • Rob Wozny, Senior Product Manager, Electrification, Alliant Energy

Listen to a GridTalk Podcast

The industry is talking about electrification! Utilities are developing programs, educating their customers, designing rates, and preparing their grids for electric vehicles and more.

Colorado Aims for a Million EVs

It is a big target and a goal but it’s one that we’re really excited about taking on.

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Electrification 2030 for the Empire State - Going Big on Offshore Wind

The two big issues that we need to think about are resiliency, and cyber risk and physical security risk.

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The ABCs of Electrification - Exelon Evolves in Atlantic City, Baltimore, Chicago and Beyond

The utilities are going to be critical as we move into this new era of the energy company of the future.

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Join These Discussions Groups

You are invited to participate in a series of topical round table discussions that further explore some of the many aspects of electrification. The purpose of the virtual discussions is to provide a platform for industry participants to share their insights and experience and exchange ideas with other participants. Each discussion is led by a moderator and includes opening remarks from two industry leaders to set the stage for an informative and engaging conversation.

View topic roundtables

Browse the Electrification Resource Library

A resource library has been created by the project team to provide additional resources on the topic of electrification.

Search the Electrification Resource Library.

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