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Smart Grid Investment Grants

Impact Analysis

The impact analysis is focused on presenting empirical results as well as reporting on the costs, benefits, lessons learned, and best practices associated with these focus areas:

Smart Grid Demonstration Projects

Technology Performance

The Smart Grid Demonstration projects are demonstrating smart grid and energy storage technologies. Each of the projects will provide interim and final Technology Performance Reports.


  • Regional Demonstration Projects

    These projects will assess the integration of advanced technologies with existing power systems including those involving renewable and distributed energy systems and demand response programs.

  • Energy Storage Demonstration Projects

    These projects involve a variety of technologies including advanced batteries, flywheels, and underground compressed air systems. These projects are demonstrating a variety of size ranges and system configurations and their impacts on the grid.


The location, information, and data for each smart grid project are provided in this section.
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These reports include analysis, impacts, lessons learned, best practices, analytical tools, and case studies that were supported by the Recovery Act Smart Grid Programs.
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