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Smart Grid Regional Demonstration projects involve assessments of the integration of advanced technologies with existing power systems including those involving renewable and distributed energy systems and demand response programs. The technical and economic performance of these technologies are being evaluated for applications such as microgrids, automated distribution systems, advanced metering infrastructure, time-based rate programs, and plug-in electric vehicles.

Interim and final Technology Performance Reports (TPRs) are submitted by the recipients to DOE. Each TPR contains the following information:

  • An overview of the project including a list of objectives, schedules and milestones, and interactions with project stakeholders.
  • Descriptions of the technologies and systems used in the project, including system designs and configurations of the various smart grid systems, subsystems, and components, a discussion of smart grid capabilities and functions, and a discussion of how the capabilities and functions are being used to produce grid impacts and benefits.
  • Descriptions of the methodologies and algorithms for estimating the physical and financial performance of the smart grid systems and applications, their grid impacts, and the value of the benefits.
  • Summaries of the results of the performance of the smart grid systems and technologies derived from lab tests, field tests, or grid-connected applications.
  • Summaries of the results of the analysis of grid impacts and estimation of benefits.
  • Summary of the major findings and conclusions including lessons learned and best practices.
  • Summary of future plans and next steps with respect to additional testing, demonstration, or deployment.

Topical Reports

Case Studies

NRECA Regional Demonstration Reports

National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) is demonstrating Smart Grid technologies with 23 cooperatives in 12 states across multiple utilities, geographies, climates, and applications including low density areas, low consumer income areas, and service areas prone to national disasters.

Technology performance reports prepared by NRECA include:

Technology Performance Reports

The Technology Performance Reports for the Regional Demonstration projects are shown in the table below.

Project Lead
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Project Title
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Technology Performance Reports
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Project Description Interim Report Final Report
AEP Ohio gridSMART® Demonstration Project
Battelle Memorial Institute Pacific Northwest Smart Grid Demonstration Project
Boeing Co Demonstrating a Cyber Secure, Scalable, Interoperable, and Cost-Effective Smart Selection for Optimizing Regional Transmission System Operation

Center for Commercialization of Electric Technologies Technology Solutions for Wind Integration in ERCOT

Consolidated Edison Company of NY Secure Interoperable Open Smart Grid Demonstration
Kansas City Power & Light Co KCP&L Green Impact Zone Smart Grid Demonstration

Long Island Power Authority Long Island Smart Energy Corridor
LA Department of Water & Power LA Department of Water & Power Smart Grid Regional Demonstration Project -
National Rural Electric Cooperative Association NRECA Smart Grid Demonstration Project
NSTAR Electric & Gas Corporation NSTAR Automated Meter Reading-Based Dynamic Pricing
NSTAR Electric & Gas Corporation NSTAR Urban Grid Monitoring and Renewables Integration -
Oncor Electric Delivery Co Dynamic Line Rating Project
Pecan Street Project The Pecan Street Project Energy Internet Demonstration
Power Authority of the State of New York Evaluation of Instrumentation and Dynamic Thermal Ratings for Overhead Lines
Southern California Edison Irvine Smart Grid Demonstration -
SuperPower Inc Fault Current Limiting Superconducting Transformer - -


The location, information, and data for each smart grid project are provided in this section.
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These reports include analysis, impacts, lessons learned, best practices, analytical tools, and case studies that were supported by the Recovery Act Smart Grid Programs.
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