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East Penn Manufacturing Co.

Grid-Scale Energy Storage Demonstration Using UltraBattery Technology


East Penn Manufacturing will design and construct an energy storage facility consisting of an array of UltraBattery™ modules integrated in a turnkey Battery Energy Storage System (BESS). In addition to the UltraBatteries™, the BESS will include a power conditioning system, a master programmable controller, and a battery monitoring system. The completed energy storage system will be designed to sell up to 3 MW of frequency regulation to Noble Americas Energy Solutions, a designated load serving entity within PJM. In addition to frequency regulation, the system will provide demand management services to Met-Ed during specified peak power periods. These services will provide up to 1MW for 1 to 4 hours to meet the requirements of PA Act 129. The UltraBattery™ is uniquely suited to these applications because it was designed for High Rate Partial State of Charge cycling. The system is sized to maintain the battery’s state of charge between 70 percent and 30 percent for a maximum 40 percent depth of discharge for continuous regulation services. The UltraBattery™ is a hybrid energy storage device that combines an asymmetric ultracapacitor and a lead-acid battery in one unit cell. The UltraBattery™ is expected to provide the same benefits as lead-acid battery systems, such as low initial cost, full recyclability, plus increased cycle life by incorporating ultracapacitor technology within the battery. To demonstrate modularity and portability, self-contained, Containerized UltraBattery™ System will be designed and included as a subset of this project.

Contact Information

Kimberly Nuhfer
Project Manager
National Energy Technology Laboratory
3610 Collins Ferry Road
Morgantown, WV 26507-0880

Jeff Seasholtz
Principal Investigator
East Penn Manufacturing
102 Deka Road
Lyon Station, PA 19536-0147

Recipient: East Penn Manufacturing Co.
HQ State: Pennsylvania
NERC Region:
Total Budget: $5,087,269
Federal Share: $2,543,523
Funding Program:
Project Type:
Targeted Benefits:
  • Retain Jobs
  • Lower electricity costs
  • Grid reliability improved
  • Renewable resource integration
  • Greenhouse gas emissions decreased

The Department of Energy's Office of Electricity (OE) recognizes that our nation's sustained economic prosperity, quality of life, and global competitiveness depends on an abundance of secure, reliable, and affordable energy resources. OE leads the Department of Energy's efforts to ensure a resilient, and flexible electricity system in the United States. Learn more about OE >>

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