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Operations and Maintenance Benefits

This analysis covers all of the Smart Grid Investment Grant (SGIG) projects that deployed advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), including smart meters and associated meter data management and communications systems, to improve operational efficiencies and lower costs from remote meter reading, tamper detection, remote service connection and disconnection, and enhanced outage management.

The key analysis covered all SGIG projects that deployed smart devices on electric distribution circuits such as switches, sensors, and communications systems for reducing operation and maintenance costs from improved business practices and procedures, fewer truck rolls, longer equipment life, and better operational efficiency. It also identified how and to what extent advanced metering infrastructure and distribution automation technologies reduced costs and improved operations.

Analysis objectives included:

  • Determining the amount of savings in operations and maintenance costs that were achieved by the application of AMI, including supporting communications and data management systems.
  • Understanding the contribution of different technology configurations, communications architectures, and meter functionalities to improved operations.

Program Reports